Monday, May 21, 2007

Anne Heche and At-Home Dads

For a number of reasons, I don't post much about celebrities here. I'm not sure that they're particularly representative parents, and I quickly tired of pieces about how Michael Douglas/Russell Crowe/Ryan Phillipe were doing the at-home dad thing only to see them continue to pump out films.

But this Anne Heche thing caught my eye -- not the part about all of the wild charges thrown at Heche by her husband (and at-home dad) which may or may not be true and which I really don't care about -- but rather this part of Heche's response to the accusations:

For the past several years, the child's father has refused to get a job in order to contribute financially to the child's care.

I recall, in happier times, Heche crowing about how great it was to have an at-home dad. And I don't know if this is some sort of lawyer-driven positioning, but it makes it sound like at-home fatherhood is just an excuse to avoid paid work ...


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