Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Dad's Day: Men in Manly Environs

June is traditionally the time to celebrate the average-Joe at-home dad, plying his trade and trying to find a place in the social world of suburbia or the heartland or Brooklyn or something, but there are always a couple of stories each year that profile active dads in environments that are not traditionally thought of as bastions of gender non-conformity. So kudos to Jaime Coston, profiled in Stars and Stripes pulling daddy duty on a military base (kudos, too, to the reporter for tracking down Kyle Pruett).

And June is also the month when -- for those in select cities (though not mine, alas) -- it is time to really start reading the box scores and thinking about the wild card race. But the fine publicists for the Pittsburgh Pirates also acknowledged Father's Day by pushing out a story about how Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson plans to cut his career short by a few years so that he can do the at-home dad thing. Naturally, I'll believe it when I see it, but it's nice to see the sentiment.

I think I'm getting to the bottom of the list of at-home dad coverage from Dad's Day. If I've missed something, please let me know.

I also have some new blogs to add to the blogroll, so if you've e-mailed in the last month, you should see a link in the next week or so. If you haven't e-mailed and want to be included, let me know. The only requirement: you have to be a self-decribed at-home dad who writes at least some about fatherhood.


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