Wednesday, August 22, 2007

USA Today on SAHDs

When it rains, it pours. USA Today ran a piece on the presentation at the American Psychological Association meeting of Aarin Rochlen's dad survey results, though I can't say that there's a ton of depth here. I have a million non-dads things on the plate, so I pass along without comment:

Nice work if you can get it. That's the consensus of fairly affluent, well-educated fathers who stay home full time with their children, according to a pioneering study released over the weekend.

About 159,000 men in the USA are full-time fathers, more than triple the number a decade ago, Census data show. "Just don't call them 'Mr. Mom.' They really don't like it," says Aaron Rochlen of the University of Texas-Austin. He spoke at a panel on cutting-edge research about fathers at the American Psychological Association meeting.


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