Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Off-Topic but Worthwhile: Buy This Book

I try to stick to the dad stuff around here, partly because it's what interests me the most and partly because trying to track every development in the parenting world is a sucker's game. But I would like to flag a post from friend/neighbor/fount-of-insight Lisa Guernsey in the sister blog to my other blog. Lisa wrote yesterday on the dangers of background TV for the Washington Post's On Parenting blog, and it's worth the read. I'm hoping they let this blossom into a more regular gig for her.

Even better, get the whole picture on TV (and why the situation isn't as clear-cut -- or as dire -- as you've been led to believe) and buy her book, "Into the Minds of Babes".

Sorry for being a day late in mentioning this, thereby robbing you all from the chance to weigh in in the comments section.


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