Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Annual Open Letter to the Morons at Pampers

Dear Pampers,

Once again, I opened my inbox today and received a warm and fuzzy note from the you celebrating Mother's Day. It read: "Today we celebrate moms like you for making a difference in their child’s life." And while I am thrilled to death that you're celebrating moms -- something worthwhile on Mother's Day and every other day of the year -- I should (again) point out to you that I am not, by any definition, a mother.

When marketing folks like yourself make the blanket assumption that everyone who signs up for your most excellent diaper-coupon thingy is a mother, it severely undercuts your ability to be taken seriously by dads. I'm sure you have consumer research people who can tell you that dads bought more diapers in 2007 than in any previous year, and that 2008 will top 2007 in diaper sales to dads. These dads, especially the dads that received your warm note this morning, may well now be thinking Huggies.

Look forward to hearing from you again on Father's Day,


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