Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Quick Note on my Whereabouts

As you've no doubt noticed, I have pretty much fallen off of the radar this month. I started July by taking the longest non-holiday-related family vacation in the seven years I've been a parent -- a full seven days.

While on vacation, we received excellent news. RebelMom was offered an extraordinary opportunity at the University of Illinois' law school, and we immediately began plans to move.

The length of time from when we found out about the job to when we will arrive in Champaign, IL will be exactly one month. I know people have moved farther in less time, but this is all new to me. I've maintained my professional responsibilities, but almost everything else has suffered as we've gone through the process of renting our house in DC, renting a new place in Illinois, finding schools, transferring medical records, meeting with movers, etc. etc.

I won't say that I'll be back to my usual posting volume immediately (there are some personal obligations and work obligations that will combine to make the next four days or so cuckoo), I will start rolling out the posts back out. Thanks for your patience.

-- Brian

P.S. Thanks to all who have been so generous with your time in telling me about my new hometown. I look forward to meeting all of you Champaigners in the next month or two, and if someone could suggest a good bar for such a get-together, I'm all ears. I'm sure I'll need a drink -- and some company -- by then.


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