Sunday, June 06, 2004

I swear this is my last Caitlin Flanagan post of the week, but I seem to have missed the May letters to the editor in the Atlantic in which Flanagan defends her decision to have the nanny -- and not her husband -- perform the less-than-fun act of changing the sheets. Here's the quote (as is becoming the case with Flanagan, it requires no additional comment):
As for my husband's changing sheets—why in the world would I want him to do that? He is the head of the household, and I treat him as such. But I'm not a feminist, so there's no surprise there.
And here is Flanagan explaining what the hell she means by that (this from the NY Observer piece):
Consider that line about her husband being the "head of the household." What does she mean by that term, exactly? "How old are you?" was Ms. Flanagan’s response. "What do you think I mean?" To the suggestion that the term implies that the man of the house gets a free pass from doing domestic chores, she responds demurely, "I mean by it whatever anyone would think that I meant," adding, "if my husband pops a button, I sew it back on."
And to think: crap like this got her a job at the New Yorker.


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