Wednesday, July 07, 2004

A few quick hits on some unrelated topics. First off, Greg pointed out an interesting piece in the NY Times Magazine with a number of interesting facts from a Reach Advisors survey (read more about it in this Businessweek story.) Greg mocks the tone of the story (something akin to gee whiz! Gen X kids are parents now! And they're not screwing it up!), but it has some useful comparisons. Rebel Dads are more common. More of us are doing household tasks than our boomer dads, and we're spending more time with the kids. (So no more with the whole "slacker" crap. We gave you the Internet. We're good parents. Tony Hawk has been labeled an "icon of the family man.") (By the way, I asked Reach Advisors for a copy of their research. They were nice about it, but no dice ...)

I'm not the only one with a new outlook on Caitlin Flanagan. While the lefty blogosphere has reacted with suspicion to Flanagan's New Yorker piece, the righty anti-feminist women over at the Independent Women's Forum are all pissed off at her. That's a good sign!

As a blogger, I can't help but point out the Instapundit "Indeed" tracker at Please let me know of any irritating blogging tics I may have developed.

For the record, it looks like the at-home dad section of continues to grow. We've almost doubled (to 412) since the beginning of the year. My group still isn't off the ground yet, though. Is this working for anyone?

Read this poem from Laid-Off Dad. Laugh like hell.

Finally, the final details of the At-Home Dad Convention are being worked out. It's the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Block your calendars now. I owe a good many people beers, so I hope you all make it.


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