Friday, June 18, 2004

I'm unlikely to post again until the weekend is over, so Happy Father's Day to all. I'll try to wrap up as many of the newspaper stories as I can here, and I'm sure I'll have another stack of 'em pile up on Sunday.

Chicago Sun-Times: A neat first-person take on a dad's year at home. Like Austin Murphy, only without feeling like a stunt. His kicker: "I once heard a ballplayer say every major leaguer should get to spend a year playing in Wrigley to appreciate the ultimate venue. The same can be said for full-time parenting."

Christian Science Monitor: A nice summation of the current state of at-home fatherhood -- and the forces make it a more popular choice. But the headline writers lose points for making at-home fatherhood seem like leaping tall building in a single bound. ("Superdad becomes the new standard for men," blares the headline, hyperbolically. "Today, 'good fathers' must do more than earn a paycheck. They're expected to nurture the kids and do housework, too.")

Washington DC's WUSA: Fellow blogger Russ Louch gets the spotlight in this nice piece on DC area dads. And Russ is a damn good spokesperson.

The Westchester Journal News: Brief mention of an at-home dad in a larger Father's Day story. But it gets to why at-home fatherhood can be so powerful for a child.

Jackson (MI) Citizen Patriot: Nice profile of a family that made the at-home dad move after some discussion and are pleased as punch with the decision. The negative spin in the headline: "Stay-at-home dad has no regrets." That's the news, according to the editor. That the guy has no regrets.

The Princeton Packet: A catalog of the slings and arrows at-home fathers must still face (mostly the assumption of our incompetence and isolation). Of course, I think those problems are lessening significantly -- and quickly, but it's good to have the dose of reality. Mike of Full Time Father gets a plug.

Tampa's WTSP: Brief, but "really fun."


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