Tuesday, June 15, 2004

First of all, I have to point to the good press that Daddy Types received yesterday in an article in the Deseret News. With attention like that, Greg may single-handedly stimulate a design revolution in kids toys/furniture/transportation.

The Charlotte Oberserver (Reg. required) yesterday ran this piece on at-home dads re-entering the workforce. I can't say it goes much beyond this Wall Street Journal story of a year ago, but it does cite some facts from a new study from Ajilon Finance. The staffing firm confirmed that it is indeed tough for men to transition back into the workplace. (Or, at least, that it is perceived to be tough. The poll got Americans at random, rather than, say, HR executives. On the other hand, that may be a good thing.)

But there was encouraging news, too. Being a father, 77 percent of respondents said, makes for a better employee. (There were also some bizarre stats that didn't seem to have much grounding in my understanding of demographics: that there are a million at-home dads and 7 million at-home moms and that at-home dad rates have jump 70 percent since 1990, compared to 8 percent for at-home moms. I'll have to follow those numbers up; they don't seem to be related to the usual Census stats.)


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