Monday, June 14, 2004

Welcome to Dad Week: with Father's Day coming up on Sunday, the media will explode with stories about dads in an effort to touch every conceivable angle. A great many of these stories will focus on at-home dads, and a great many will focus on other dad topics that I find interesting. I plan on trying my best to keep up, but I'll ask your patience in advance -- I'm going to get swamped. Still, if you see anything good, drop me a line at and I'll be sure to take a look.

In some ways, the deluge has begun (plus, I've yet to catch up with older news). Magazines have already come out with their June issues, many with dad-centric bits. Men's Health had an interesting bit where readers shared stories about what they learned -- emotionally -- from their fathers, and the magazine's Best Life spinoff ran this dad piece on 10 things he'd do differently. Both pieces show a side of fatherhood that I ignore here an awful lot. I focus on really, really involved fatherhood -- at-home dads and such. But it's worth noting -- and these stories demonstrate -- that dads can be effective in thousands of other ways. That doesn't mean that anyone should aspire to be a distant dad who offers his son one or two poignant moments in life, but it does reflects the variety of ways we can touch our children.

One other story that's been sitting on my to-do list is this column by the Wall Street Journal's work-life columnist Sue Shellenbarger. It's an interesting look back at five dual-earner couples she'd profiled previously, and she comes to an interesting, but not shocking, conclusions: it's damn hard to have a family and run two careers at 100 percent. These five families show that there has to be some give in work to make room for family. And the optimistic note: many of the dads in Shellenbarger's stories seem as willing to bend as the moms.

That gets me almost caught up, but there's a whole new crop of stories that hit the newsstands today that may have to wait until tomorrow ...


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