Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The at-home dad portion of the blogosphere has spoken,, and we're in agreement that Austin Murphy's How Tough Could It Be is a pretty lousy addition to the at-home dad canon. I checked in with this post last month, and now a couple of other dads have chimed in.

Evan from Dads on the Couch let loose with his take, in which he (correctly) points out that the Murphy marriage and division of labor is absurdly all-or-nothing, an arrangement that is defended to the hilt in the most childish of ways. (Other Rebel Dad letter writers have pointed out the same thing: this is a household arrangement no one should want any part of.)

And Peter from At-Home Dad also checks in, pointing out what I agree is the book's the largest flaw: the near-total absence of the kids. (Peter also notes the bizarre relationship dynamics, too.)


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