Saturday, July 08, 2006

(Yet More) Dads as Work-Life Linchpins

No sooner do I see the New Republic blog posting on where the dad's are at, then I stumble across all kinds of work-life stuff involving dads. I found this post from the Work+Life "Fit" Blog. There's nothing ground-breakingly new, but it lays out the current on working dads and home life pretty well:
First, companies need to recognize there is a real difference between the priorities and values of Gen-X and Y dads and Baby Boomer dads. It doesn'?t mean young fathers don't want to work hard, or less. They simply want to work differently and flexibly, often seeing technology as a means of achieving their unique work+life fit goals.
Poking around, the blog has some other thoughtful posts on the importance of dads in the work-like balance quest. (I should also note that the blog belongs to a work-life consulant, who offers her services to companies, individuals, etc. Sounds like one heck of a gig. I should say here, formally, that if any large companies want to pay me a great deal of money to tell 'em how to employ happy dads. I take corporate checks, PayPal, and cash in plain paper bags.)

Also: Internet link-master Glenn Reynolds is thinking about the new modern dad, too (Thanks to Russ for the link.) Glenn's podcast on parenting (linked to in his post) wasn't worth it for me, though James Lileks says nice things about being a SAHD. (The 'cast includes Cathy Seipp, which was a major strike against it. Seipp didn't say anything dumb, but she currently holds the record for the most vitriolic and bizarre anti-SAHD piece of writing on the Internet.)


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