Monday, July 03, 2006

Where Was I?

It's been a wild (and very happy) week in the RebelHousehold, and now I'm trying to figure out what we were talking about when I suddenly dropped from sight. I know there are more dad's day stories -- those are coming. In the meantime ...

Let's see -- there was that hideously dumb story from Parenting about how dads think, written by someone who, by definition, has never thought like a dad. Because my head is barely above water as it is, I have not written a thoughtful letter to the editor talking the magazine or the writer, Fernanda Moore, to task. Fortunately, Jeremy over at Two Okapis was nice enough to pen a smart letter of his own. As is tradition, if you can get your letter of objection printed by Parenting, I'll owe you a beer at the At-Home Dad Convention.

I also want to note that the Stay At Home Dad entry in Wikipedia was returned after an editor decided to just redirect the page to "Homemaker." There are still some issues with the page -- it needs to be cleaned up a bit to make it comport with Wikipedia standards (mostly internationalizing it). If you're a Wikipedian and want to help with that effort, the RebelDad stats page may help a little. Underscoring the point that we're an international movement is this piece from the Times of India celebrating the growth of SAHDs over in the world's largest democracy.


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