Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Old Time Rock and Roll Dad

I have to be honest: I really hadn't noticed that Bob Seger had all but disappeared from the rock scene for the last decade. But apparently, the musical genius behind "Old Time Rock and Roll," had indeed taken some time off to do the at-home dad thing, according to a piece in the Kansas City Star (the city, apparently, had its mind blown by playing host to the At-Home Dad Convention and now can't resist writing about dads). So add Seger to the list of celebs who have done the at-home dad thing.

Waiting on Babble: Babble.com is apparently launching tonight. The New York Times profiled the hipper-than-me online mag on Sunday, but what struck me as revolutionary was not that the pub would be hip, but that the folks behind it expected to capture ... dads. Best of luck in that effort, and I can't wait to see the product.

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