Monday, November 27, 2006

How To Tell I Haven't Been Paying Attention

It's probably clear from the lack of postings that I wasn't able to get blogging over Thanksgiving, but it was best that I not have any additional stress. (There is a special place in Hades waiting for whoever it is that runs Delaware's DOT. But that is another story.)

But you can tell I've been out because I'm nearly a week late in noting that Caitlin Flanagan is out at the New Yorker. As longtime readers know, I'm no great fan of hers, and getting her out of that perch is a huge net positive for forward-thinking writing about parenthood. And while I'm breathing a sign of relief that Flanagan is no longer getting a percentage of my subscription money, I should also point out that her supremely silly collection of essays, "To Hell With All That," has apparently sold only 8,700 copies (despite the gobs of free media). It's enough to restore my faith in my fellow parents.

(The dark cloud behind the silver lining: Flanagan's next project will apparently take feminists to task for screwing up teenage girls. In an era of gnashing of teeth about a "boy crisis," and given her penchant for ignoring/misapplying facts about teens, that should be a fun read.)

Back to the usual posting topics, etc. etc. etc. soon.


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