Saturday, November 11, 2006

Convention Update

The main program is over (and the real fun is beginning), and Dayv checks in to let me know how it went:
An amazing success. My fears of guys not liking the convention was quickly quashed. Walking around and checking in on the sessions, dads were involved, having a good time, and the most interesting was the most laughter I heard from the breakout sessions came from the depression and isolation session. I can't thank all of the guys who helped bring the convention together enough. And mostly, I have to thank the guys who attended.

The session that ended the day was a discussion for planning ideas for next year's convention. The energy and enthusiasm was great to see. I hope those that attended this year, go back to their home groups and tell them what a valuable resource the convention was, and that it was worthwhile taking the weekend away to be here.
Still waiting to get some more photos ... should appear in the coming days, so keep your eyes on the box at the top of the screen (more blog posts are already in there ...)


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