Monday, November 06, 2006

At-Home Dads, At Home Online

Well, that didn't take long. Within days of my two posts on the end of and the need for a new online hub, Mike Biewenga has come through.

Adhering to one of my favorite web maxims: get a first version out there, ASAP, even if you go back and change it later, he has already established the bones of a new online hangout for SAHDs at (note the .org).

Once again, that's

The trick, to becoming the resource that slowlane once was is getting visitors and getting content. As it relates to visitors, the key is links. If you're a blogger and can spare the space on your blogroll, please give a link. As for content and participation, let me quote Mike:
We're just getting started and we need your help to keep the ball rolling. The most important thing that we need is your participation - register for an account (free), visit the discussion forums to post something meaningful or just to say hello, vote on the polls, invite a friend to the site, spread the word, and just visit, use the site, and enjoy it.
Mike also has a list of ways you can help out. If you are able to contribute, drop me a line and I'll be sure to mention it (and your blog) here.

I'm thrilled that this is up and running, and before the convention, no less. Kudos to Mike.

Related: Art, the gentleman behind the Dad Daily blog is setting up a social network for dads. Beta launch is scheduled for next week. They're taking sign-ups at DadDaily. It's not a SAHD thing, but it looks to be an ambitious effort.


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