Thursday, November 02, 2006

Towards a New Online Home for Stay at Home Dads

At the recommendation of Bruce R from SeattleDads, I've removed the link to in the right rail, and I will be systematically removing all of the hyperlinks in the archives in the coming weeks and months. I didn't realize -- until I made the post last week -- how deep the disappointment about the site's abandonment ran, and how passionately some at-home dad leaders felt about the need to replace it with something. Because links are the lifeblood of Google ranking, and because doesn't offer web surfers the up-to-date compendium of resources that the No. 1 site for "stay at home dad" should, I've begun the link removal process.

This is not meant as an affront to Jay or all of the people who have helped and offered to help over the years -- they have done great work in the past and been stellar spokesmen for at-home fathers. I respect those contributions. I will quickly and happily restore the links should the site be revived. But like it or not, it's the landing site for a great many at-home dads, would-be at-home dads, and media, and I agree with many who have commented or e-mailed that it is not the best representation of the at-home dad community.

I know there are people interested in building the next generation definitive at-home dad site, and I stand at the ready to drive people to that site. If you're working on such a project, keep me posted. I have already heard from Mike Biewenga, the guy behind, who reiterated what he posted in the comments last week: he is interested in launching the site. If you'd like to help out, his e-mail is

Keep me posted, and I'll immediately link to whatever you all come up with.


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