Friday, October 20, 2006


Much to note/update/etc. today ...

1. The legacy of "Mr. Mom" (1983) continues: there's a first-person piece in the Daily Southtown (IL) by Howard Ludwig both slamming the term "Mr. Mom," and giving an overview of the movie. 1983 was a long time ago, but the impact of the phrase doesn't seem to have been diminished in the last quarter-century.

2. Of course, Howard seems like he had his act together -- style aside -- which is more than Sacha Molitorisz can say, based on his blog post in the Sydney Morning Herald. While I give Molitorisz credit for taking the paternity leave (in Australia, no less, which stands with the United States as having lousy family leave laws), it sounds like he had a bit of a hard time doing the whole at-home dad thing. I usually have little patience for whining about the home life, but props to Molitorisz for seeing the gig as something worthy of respect.

3. The At-Home Dad Convention blogger list is even larger than I suggested yesterday. We're up to four:
* Modern Day Dad
* KC Home Dad
* Hail to Pitt (Caleb is running the blogging session at the convention)
* Andi (who is, not, technically, an at-home dad, but is super-nice and a FoR.D.)

4. I haven't done a good job of giving credit where it's been due this week:
* I saw the Salon story (from Tuesday's post) at Rice Daddies.
* The cool tattoo bit (Tuesday) came from Daddy Types.
* Believe it or not, the who-does-what story in the Times (Wednesday's post) came to my attention in the comments of On Balance. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out how comments to my posting yesterday deteriorated into biscuit recipes and a debate as to whether Hanukkah is a made-up recipe.


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