Thursday, October 19, 2006

2006 At-Home Dad Convention Online

As most of you know, I won't be able to make it to the At-Home Dad Convention when it rolls into Kansas City next month. Given that I have tried in the past -- with increasing sophistication -- to make sure that as much of the festivities are recorded online, I'd like to see that effort maintained.

So over convention weekend (Nov. 11 and the days just before and after), I'll be standing by to post just about anything you e-mail me, and I'll link to just about anything posted from the convention. To the extent possible, I'll automate the process. (Warning: geekery ahead) If you have a blog and want your convention thoughts rebroadcast here, please upload them to with the tag "ahd2006." Likewise, if you have photos, upload 'em to Flickr and slap the "ahd2006" tag on.

I'll re-post this message closer to time, but wanted those of you headed to KC to know that remains dedicated to showcasing how much fun you're having.

Please note: at least two bloggers will be in KC for the big event: Modern Day Dad and KC Home Dad. If you're a blogger and headed there, please let me know so I can flag your site.)


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