Thursday, October 05, 2006

Media Roundup

As I mentioned earlier in the week, there's been a lot popping in at-home dad land, and I haven't been keeping up. There's plenty of interesting blog postings to note in passing, but I wanted to get some of the media building up off of my plate.

In Malaysia, the Star wrote last week about the importance (and availability) of paternity leave. It was an interesting piece, and it raised the question of why there seems to be so little written about paternity leave in this country. For all of the ink spilled about "mommy wars" and childcare and work-life balance, there really is surprisingly little written about leave, particularly with dads.

And from Ellensburg, Washington Daily Record came an interesting couple of articles on at-home fatherhood. Now I've read just about all of the at-home dad stories written over the last five years, and this had an interesting detail I hadn't seen yet:
Cole [the at-home dad profiled] said data from the American Psychological Association indicates people who are overly critical of stay-at-home dads are more likely to be racially biased or sexist, with rigid ideas of social roles.
Now I've never seen data that at-home dad hatez are racists, but the rigid idea of social roles rings true. The second story in the package another dad profile, and only adds to my contention: SAHDs are normal, well-adjusted folks.


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