Tuesday, September 19, 2006

MetaFilter on At-Home Dads

I am always pleasantly surprised when I stumble on a heap of at-home-dad-supporting goodness out on the Internet, and my only regret about digging up this Ask MetaFilter thread about a dad considering the SAHD thing is that I didn't find it and post it sooner (the thread was active last month).

The responses are universally positive -- this from a largely tech-focused community -- with a lot of first-person testimonials. And the conclusion from the original poster:
Thanks for the replies. At this point, we're going to sit and let the idea percolate for a month - both daycares need a month notice anyway, as well as my job.

But I think the decision will be to stay at home.
I used to worry that there was just nothing out there for at-home dads. No books, no magazines, no nothing to remind AHDs that they weren't alone. But the 'net has really changed all that, and I'm thrilled that Brando_T got the information -- and the support -- he needed.


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