Friday, August 25, 2006

Media Roundup

If you're not willing to plunk down your $9.50 to see Trust the Man, but would still like to get some good at-home dad media, this has been the week. For starters, please read this nice first-person piece from the Boston Globe. Nothing profound, no extended musings on the nature of gender roles or at-home fatherhood, but a wonderful slice-of-life from a guy who happens to be a SAHD. Even better, the Globe says this is "One in a series of occasional articles on stay-at-home dads." Nice.

The mainstream media is even beating me nowadays in finding new blogs. The Winston-Salem Journal profiled some of their local dads this week, including Mike Miller, who blogs at Adventures in Parenthood. It's not the on the blogroll, but it will be. Overall, standard-issue story.

Finally, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel follows up on last month's WSJ story on the rise of the grandfather-as-caretaker with one of their own. It's a solid piece, even if it is derivative, and I gotta say: those Florida newspapers, they know their grandparents.


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