Thursday, July 27, 2006

Welcome Post Readers

Since I may have some new visitors today from my new endeavor at the Washington Post, I wanted to point to some of the site's resources that go beyond me spouting my opinions.

Stats: I maintain the most comprehensive list of at-home dad statistics from both the U.S. and abroad. (Yet I still can't answer the question "how many at-home dads are there?")

Playgroup Resources: This site hosts an interactive map of dad groups and dad-friendly playgroups.

If you would like your group/playgroup listed, please e-mail

If you would like more information on getting a local at-home dad group up and running, please check out the dad's group how-to.

Other Blogs: If you read your blogs in a feed reader and would like to expand your list of at-home dad blogs, a slightly out-of-date version of my blogroll is available as an OPML file.


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