Thursday, July 20, 2006

Balls in the Air

Though I know it has seemed, lately, that you've been getting *less* RebelDad, I can assure you that the future will bring more RebelDad in more places. It looks like I'll be lending my keyboard once a week to a larger, widely read and often-misguided blog -- more details on this over the next week.

But I have not abandoned this site (the latest lull stems from some pretty heavy work-life balancing over the past week), nor have I stopped tracking interesting stuff like ...

... this column from the Fredericksburg (VA) Free Lance-Star. Self-promotion aside ( is mentioned), it serves as one of the nicest round-up of at-home dad stuff I've seen in a while, dinging the Census stats and pulling some of the best nuggets from, back in the day, including a nice bit from Slowlane honcho Jay Massey on how to pull off the working dad+primary caretaker thing. The writer, Jonathan Hunley, has said he's trying to pen more parenthood pieces as he gets the hang of fatherhood, so he's worth watching.

... this piece from the Telegraph (UK) that sets out some of the most outrageous at-home dad stereotypes, tongue in cheek, and then comes to the conclusions that -- with the exception of our apparent inability to make small talk at mom-centric playground -- we're pretty much just like any other set of parents. Worth bookmarking if you're interested in helping to revise the Stay at home dad Wikipedia page, which needs to be cleaned up to remove the US-centric point of view.


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