Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Personal Updates

I know I play it pretty close to the chest when it comes to details of my actual, real life, but there are a couple of items I want share with you. Most importantly, the RebelFamily added a member last month (RM mentioned this in the comments, but it deserves to be said here). RebelMom and RebelPreemie are both doing great, and I am going through that wonderful period in which I feel nothing but admiration for my wife, love for my kids and overwhelming, near-constant exhaustion.

I also hinted last week about a new outlet for me, and Chip, in the comments, nails it: I'll be guest-blogging every Thursday over at the Washington Post's On Balance blog, which is run by Leslie Morgan Steiner. Leslie (and her producer) are to be commended for giving me this spot despite the frequency with which I ... ahem ... question her worldview. I should start this week.


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