Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Agony from Hollywood

As has been noted before, at-home fathers are seeing a lot of screen time in the movie biz, and quite a lot of what is coming down the pike has the potential to be at least sort of respectful of that particular gig. (Not glorifying, but not insulting, either.)

But my guess is that The Intern, a new vehicle for the guys who write The Office, won't take the high road. The plot is apparently about an at-home dad who goes back to work as an intern, and I think we can expect that the SAHD stuff will be used as an opportunity to re-use all that Mr. Mom stuff from 1983 that -- fair warning to the writers -- doesn't resonate with the same humor 25 years later.

(I should mention that though I've had this link bookmarked for a while, Jeremy at Daddy Dialectic -- a blog well worth sticking on your must-read list -- beat me to the post.)


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