Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Evidently, They Don't Get Forbes in Canada

A couple of days after the silliness of the whole Forbes career woman thing broke (I spared you my naval gazing on the subject, but it's elsewhere on the web if you are really, truly curious) there appeared this wonderful piece in the Hamilton, Ontario Spectator. It's a neat piece that shows the growth in families where the wife brings home the bacon, a figure that now stands at 29 percent. And while that is too low to begin doing the happy equality dance, it is a marked improvement in only a couple of decades.

But what really made me smile was that -- unlike MCP Michael Noer -- the Spectator piece made clear that families where the breadwinning was done by mom were not miserable exceptions to the natural order, but rather something to celebrate.
A growing number of women are bringing home a majority of the bacon.

And most men are eating it up.
Gotta love the extended bacon analogy.


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