Monday, October 16, 2006

Cincinnati Dad Looking for Connections

One of the peculiar facts of at-home dad groups is that they tend to have limited durations -- a few guys (usually with preschoolers) finder each other together, get some media, get some more guys together, maybe put up a web site -- and then, as the kids get older, the group kind of fades away. Priorities go from playdates to PTA meetings, some guys go back to work, some guys move. It's just part of the lifecycle.

The group in Cincinnati is a great example. One of the first groups to have a site on the web, as well as a smart and dedicated group of leaders, most of those original guys have moved on.

But there's still room for a re-birth. Colin Thornton, a dad from Chicago (one of the towns with a group that seems to defy the usual pattern), is now in Cinci, and he put out a call for other local at-home dads. He didn't get a lot of responses in the comments (most of which were asinine), but if you're in the area -- or know someone who is -- drop him a line.


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