Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Report from Dayv

Dayv, one of the new convention organizers, sent this report (and click on the tab above for the lastest posts and -- soon -- photos):
I added photos to Flkr, but it's a new account so it will take a few days.

We took a school bus to the brewery, and it was just like the rides to Oakton from our hotel. It started loud, dulled into localized conversations, and got loud again as we neared the location with a driver who wasn't really sure where he was going.

The brewery was great. They were wonderful hosts and the beer was great. With close to 40 in attendance at the meet & greet, it was a good feeling seeing the crowd building, and guys into it. A lot of handshakes, laughter, sharing of pictures, and all of the things you would expect.

Pierpoints steakhouse. WOW. Good grub. Worth the tab despite Andy forgetting the $15.00 coupons. Oh well. Good vodka tonics.

So, back at the hotel, getting ready to rack out. If they have wifi where we are tomorrow, I'll send updates, otherwise check of the occasional update text message.

Hope all is well there,


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