Friday, February 09, 2007

More on the Other Half

As with my post earlier this week on the LA Times female breadwinner story (and my post on MP Dunleavey's piece in the NY Times), I'm not sure I can comment with much authority on the experiences of the wives of involved fathers. So I simply hold out for you this Babble essay on the topic. I'm particularly fond of the end:
For the moment, I like this arrangement, in spite of all of its compromises. As much as it's affected the way my daughter sees me, it's also changed the way she sees her father. The other day she announced, "Boys don't carry purses." Before I could craft a response, something fair and open-minded, she added, "Just diaper bags."

That's my girl.
I rather like the sudden trend of first-person pieces by breadwinner moms. It really fills out the story of the reverse traditional family.


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