Monday, March 26, 2007

Dads Get Counted (Sort Of)

The latest overblown child-care research is out today, with this go-round focusing on the evils of day care (never mind that parental factors swamp any effect from institutional care). But what's really new, really noteworth, is that the giant government study is finally acknowledging dads:

Parents have criticized the NICHD study in the past for defining "child care" as care by anyone other than a child's mother. Thus routine care by fathers and grandparents was defined as "child care." The latest findings address the problem by comparing care by relatives with care by nonrelatives.

Now, I haven't seen the text of the study, so I don't know if dads and moms are still stuck in different buckets, but I am happy to see that dad is now statistically something more than just a unique form of daycare.


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