Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dear Linda Hirshman: I Apologize

Dear Prof. Hirshman,

I am flattered. You have taken me to task in the New Republic's Open University blog for my post on your post on the American Prospect's Mother Load series. And I'd like to offer an apology of sorts (I'd post it back to the New Republic forum where you are more likely to see it, but I don't have subscriber priviledges): in posting your age (gleaned from Wikipedia), I did not mean to try to strike a fatal blow by questioning your mental edge or the revelance of your voice in the work-life debate. Indeed, any mention of age almost certainly diminishs the weight of what *I* write -- lack of wisdom is a well-known failing of thirtysomethings.

No, the age thing was meant to reflect that I have a certain first-person perspective on the whole Youthful Male thing (though perhaps not a perspective that is entirely representative of my peers) that may differ from that of an, ahem, older academic. You make the assumption that young men are not willing to make sacrifices for equity in the home, and I remain convinced that that is an increasingly unfair and inaccurate assumption.

But despite the generational differences, I'm happy to report that we are in full agreement on Keillor's odd and uncomfortable look back.

Also, for the record, my favorite (adjunct) professor -- RebelMom, who teaches a law school class on sex discrimination -- agrees with your take, not mine, on the unwillingness of the average man to work for equity at home.

Best wishes,



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