Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More SAHD Video

I'm not entirely certain what to make of this local news report on at-home dad in Green Bay. While I love to see dads getting good press, the journalists involved just seemed a bit too flabbergasted at the concept (Men! Taking care of children! Who aren't worried about being manly! Even though they should be! Maybe!).

And while, on balance, it's better to have that piece floating around than not, it underscores the brilliance of the Colbert Report take on at-home dads.

Because -- let's face it -- there is no reason why men who are doing the caretaking thing is really that extraordinary, or why kids should prefer mom over dad (or vice versa) as a caretaker, or why pushing a Swiffer is any less manly than clicking away at a keyboard all day. Colbert, if you get the humor, does a great job of making that point. Of course, what makes Colbert so cutting edge is that he does the straight-face thing better than any other satirist. But I thought it was pretty clear: at-home dads have a great gig, and you have to really go over the top to make it seem otherwise.

Update: Peter Baylies actually gets the behind-the-scenes report on the Colbert shooting. Fun stuff. I want a DADMAN shirt ...


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