Monday, February 12, 2007

Vienna Goes All Out for Gender Neutrality

It sounds like I've been railing at all the wrong things. I sit hear, day after day, talking about TV shows or movies or newspaper columns that I think get the whole gender-neutrality thing wrong, wrong, wrong, when -- really -- I should be thinking broader. Like Vienna.

Apparently, some fine Austrians have decided that the traditional stick-figure signage they had could use an updating, with a modern twist. So they've made all sorts of signs that give the old-fashioned stick figures a kick. There are construction workers wearing skirts, etc. etc. But, most importantly, the diaper-changing-station signage now features dad and baby!

Of course, the signage isn't the first step in the crusade for gender-neutral diapers. The first step is actually getting diaper changing stations in the (*&$^ing men's rooms of this nation. (As a reminder, Daddy Types, where I found this story in the first place, has helpfully mapped out the diaper-friendly men's rooms in NYC. Judging from Greg's effort, we still have miles to go. C'mon -- there are still no facilities in the Hooters men's room?)


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