Monday, March 26, 2007

Rebel Dad: A Threat to Equality Everywhere?

I have to agree with everything my wife** says in the post below about Linda Hirshman, and I'm almost at a loss for words when it comes to responding to her blog entry from yesterday. She makes her usual argument -- women should focus on work and forget about the family side (or the balance side) of work-family balance -- and then closes with a strange, somewhat misleading ad hominem broadside against the arrangement of the RebelFamily.

Regardless on where you come down on Hirshman's viewpoints, I can't imagine a less productive exercise than holding up me (or Jeremy Adam Smith, for that matter) as a symbol of all that is wrong with fatherhood today. Look, I have no illusions. I am not a perfect dad or husband. But I -- like Jeremy -- am trying to deal with modern fatherhood in an open and public forum. I'm about telling the stories of dads who are seeking better work-life balance or have chosen to stay home. I think that is a helpful exercise. Hirshman apparently feels differently. I have no idea why.

** For the record (because this is an actual topic of discussion in the TPMcafe comments), my wife does exist. She is not a figment of my imagination or anyone else's.


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