Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Educating Dads -- Or All Parents?

Working Dad stumbled across an interesting piece in the Washington Post about a NOW effort to ensure that women have access to programs funded through the $50 million Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative.

This is sure to get some folks dander up. But I'm thrilled for two reasons:

1. I love the idea that women and men should be treated equally when it comes to resources and support for parenting. Just as I have no problem with letting women into men's playgroups (and vice versa) I see no reason why an effective parenthood program shouldn't be available to as many as possible.

2. I figure that the programs already established must be useful if NOW wants in. And that's got to be a good sign.

(I have to confess to a bit of ignorance on the fatherhood initiatives -- I still haven't gotten around to reading the cover story in the City Paper (DC's alternative weekly) on one such effort ...)


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