Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Further Proof That College Guys Aren't Thinking Hard Enough

I've been paying attention lately to what the younger generation of men really thinks about at-home fatherhood and the slow erosion of gender roles, and I've been pretty optimistic. But it's clear that huge pockets of cluelessness still exist.

Exhibit One: This Stanford Daily column in praise of the idea of staying at home. I don't know if this guy is some kind of comedian or if he's staggering unaware of what parents actually *do* all day or if he's taking some kind of cheap shot at at-home dads or -- most likely -- all of the above.

Then again, it is a characteristic example of the kind of half-baked thinking that goes into 95 percent of all columns ever printed in college newspapers, and it serves as a refreshing reminder that college can make you smart, but not wise. Full disclsure: This is pot-kettle post. If you tried hard enough, I'm sure you could find some examples of shallow college thinking from me. (Sadly, I was writing in the early days of the interwebs, so simply Googling "cows with windows" isn't enough to bring up my brilliant column on the subject.)


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