Monday, May 21, 2007

Amy Joyce Post: Revision/Apology

Last week, I took down the reader poll when it looked like it wasn't an entirely  fair way to learn more about you all, and today I took down part of my post last week on the maternity plans for Washington Post reporter Amy Joyce when Amy wrote to let me know that I wasn't being accurate or particularly fair. Here is the amended section:

[In the original posting, I wondered aloud why there wasn't more discussion of Steven's time off in all of this. Amy was gracious enough to post about their plans in the comments to this post -- "Steven's taking up to seven weeks of vacation time to spend with the little one. He won't take it all at one time, but he'll try to take it all, depending on the bosses. The Post offers four weeks of parental leave for men and women. However, if both spouses work here, only one can take it." I've deleted the original conclusion, as it was -- quite simply -- wrong. Apologies to Amy and Steven, and best of luck with the little one.]


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