Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Hometown Paper Makes Good

My hometown paper -- the Washington Post -- has put at-home dads on Page 1 today, which, naturally, makes me very happy. It is (like most Father's Day stories) heavy on anecdote. There is the usual note about isolation among the mommies ("Men tell stories of being excluded from mothers' groups"), an aside about lower standards about unimportant things ("stay-at-home dads ... generally don't care that their 6-year-old is stillwearing pajama bottoms at 3 p.m.), and an unusually good summary of the at-home dad stats.

Though a pretty routine story, the Post gets bonus points for quoting Andrea Doucet, and extra credit for mentioning that at-home dad convention.

And finally, if you have somehow ended up here from the Post article and are looking to find out more about DC Metro Dads, please check out their website and get on the listserv.


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