Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Playing with Facebook: I'm Worried About Kids Today

In a fit of curiosity and networking, I succumbed to the buzz and joined Facebook a few weeks ago (note to all you young people: if I'm on it, it cannot possibly be hip anymore). Still, I was atonished at the brute number of groups our there. You could connect with anyone on any topic. Love Taco Bell? There's a place for you! Think Celine Dion is the best female recording artist of all time? There are a number of groups for you.

So, naturally, I was curious if there were any groups for at-home dads. The short answer is that yes, there are groups for SAHDs out there, but they are swamped by groups with names like Future Stay at Home Dads of America, whos college-aged member tend to view at-home fatherhood as an elaborate opportunity to make slightly misogynistic comments and fantasize about watching SportsCenter all day. I know these guys aren't the least bit interested in parenthood as anything but a punchline, but it *is* kind of a weird through-the-looking-glass thing. 


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