Friday, August 24, 2007

Punk At-Home Dad Releases New Album Tonight

File under: the stuff that at-home dads are doing when they're not hanging with the kids:

Barbera has always had that spirit. But it's only now, at age 39, that he's really living out his punk rock dreams. It only took him several careers, a family and a near-death experience to get here, to get a band called Chest Pains together. He sang in a high school punk band called Youth Terrorists. They recorded all their practices like Guided by Voices. But, after college, he moved to Los Angeles and started writing about music and culture for extreme sports magazines like Big Brother, Bikini and Magnet. He settled in North Carolina and freelanced for The Spectator, eventually becoming its music and managing editor, also running his zine Salt for Slugs.

Independent Weekly: Music: Feature: In Chest Pains, older punks with cardio conditions finally find each other


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