Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Secret of the Balanced Mom? An Involved Dad

Back in the 1980s, there was a lot of attention paid the idea of the supermom: a woman who could work full time and be the point person at home and be generally happy. By the end of that decade, the idea of "having it all" had been thoroughly rejected, like legwarmers and neon windbreakers. But the supermom meme never really died, and it's been reincarnated a lot lately, as the media talks about how a modern generation of moms is trying to do it all. All of these stories try to differentiate the apparently in-control 00s moms from the harried 80s moms. Inevitably, they talk about flextime. But they also talk about ... drumroll ... how fathers can contribute!

The best example of this is the US News and World Report Story, titled "The New Mommy Track," which has as its subtitle: "More mothers win flextime at work, and hubbies' help (really!) at home."

I'll give them a pass on the parenthetical (and the fact that they don't go into much depth on dads). But I am thrilled that the press has finally figured out that the best way of boosting your odds of having a workable work-life balance is to make sure you have an equal partner in marriage:

While balancing work and family is never simple, Goodman and others who have studied the issue say mothers can increase their chances of getting onto this new mommy track by choosing certain careers, partners, and companies.

There you have it. The key to work-life balance, no matter your gender, is a partner who is on board.


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