Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Secret Lives of Dads

I -- like anyone else who has been involved in SAHD issues over the past dozen years ago -- know Hogan Hilling, who is a super-nice guy and a visionary in term of getting dads to talk to other dads. He wrote "The Man Who Would be Dad," he came up with a compelling workshop called "Proud Dads," and now he has co-authored "The Modern Mom's Guide to Dads: Ten Secrets Your Husband Won't Tell You."

I look forward to browsing through it. I don't have a copy yet, but if you want some of the flavor, I should point you to the Orange County Register piece profiling Hogan and his book, and adding some Q-and-A for flavor.

Judging from the piece, I'm not sure I'll agree with everything he has to say -- I'm not sure that there's an epidemic of supermoms crowding out their husbands -- but I love the truth at the core of the book: men need to get their feelings out there if they're going to succeed as fathers and husbands. (I'm proof that this is often easier said than done.) In an ideal world, where open and honest communication was standard, we wouldn't need a "Modern Mom's Guide to Dads." Until then, there's always Amazon.


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