Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Un-Funny Pages

Look, I know I spend a ton of time humorlessly bashing those who play the doofus dads for laughs, in advertising, on TV, in movies ... and on and on. Even I get a little tired the prattling on as if there is no room for incompetent fathering in any media under any circumstances, ever. But indulge me one more rant:

There is a new comic strip about an at-home dad called Daddy's Home. It appears to have a single source of humor: the dad is an moron who can't be bothered to dress his kid right or remember his allergies or essentially do anything correctly. And because of the three-panels-and-a-joke format of the funnies, there doesn't appear to be the kind of room for personal growth and revelation that even "According to Jim" can serve up every once in a while. Give me back the dad from Calvin and Hobbes, please.

(Speaking of cartoon at-home dads, is Adam @ Home still getting much traction? We don't get it here in DC, despite our three (count 'em!) pages of comics a day in the Post. Doesn't that manage to be funny without making Adam out to be a dunderhead? Or am I misremembering?)

(Just found out that my hometown paper is trying out Daddy's Home while Doonesbury takes a break. I'm sure the Post can do better ...)

(Thanks to for the tip.)


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