Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Annual Corporate Silliness:

Every year, I write a blog post on's well-meaning effort to track the market value of what an at-home mom or dad does. Every year, I plunge into the assumptions behind the calculator and wonder why the heck a) they assume that at-home dads do less around the house (a lot less ... like 15 hours a week), b) they assume a dramatically different mix of work and c) they have dads actually "worth" $12K more.

This year, for kick, I tried to figure out the laundry thing. says at-home moms spend a staggering 8 hours a week on laundry. At-home dads clock 3.9 hours in the laundry room. The reason: go-to-work moms make up the difference (putting 5.1 hours into washing, drying and folding).

So in addition to the off-the-rocker suggestion that most two-kid households generate 9 hours of laundry a week, believes that at-home dads do less than half of all laundry. Even accepting that -- perhaps -- dad standards for household things are slightly lower, that laundry estimate feels like a kick in the shins.


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