Monday, July 28, 2008

No Dads Sipping the Java at

Reader Chris e-mailed the other day to see if I've been following, which has been selling itself for a while with the just-us-gals slogan "No men, no kids." Chris wasn't entirely happy with being barred from what appears to be a successful online community for parents.

While I think it is absolutely silly that a site would take pains to exclude otherwise-capable parents who could add a useful perspective, I'm not all that worked up about It's their loss.

What is more bothersome is that Chris learned about the site in the first place by a card that came with his latest batch of Pampers. I've said before (because Pampers has a recurrent problem with this) that if Pampers is serious about moving more diapers, they're going to have to acknowledge at some point that dads make up a growing percentage of nappy-buyers. Partnering with a site that excludes half of the potential market ain't smart.

** CAVEAT: For what it's worth, I can't find any explicit no-dads-allowed language based on my quick zip through the site. Anyone know if that's a recent development?


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