Monday, September 29, 2008

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Involved Fatherhood

Via Working Dad comes a Parenting magazine story that -- gasp -- doesn't make me fear for the future of humanity: a piece on why moms sometimes feel threatened by involved fathers and why such inter-parent competition doesn't do anyone any good.

Now I am on record as believing quite firmly that we do not have some sort of epidemic of gung-ho fathers crowding mom out of the picture ("momblocking," as the term of art has it), and I am not sure that families in which super-active fathers really deserve much pity (or even much attention). But given the absolutely pitiful record of mainstream parenting publications have of even acknowledging that half of the parents in this country are men, this piece makes me believe for a moment that they're turning a corner in understanding the role that modern fathers are playing.

The story gets extra bonus points for noticing the 250 percent rise in time dads spend with the kids over the past 30 years. (And additional bonus points for noticing that we still have a ways to go). But I have to give demerits for, um, writing from a completely mom-centric view of the world. And for serving ads for the asinine "moms like me" social network.


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