Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Thanks + More on Dads and Daughters

1. Thanks to Eric and Shawn from the local dad's group here in Champaign for hanging out last week. Nice to meet some of the guys. And if you're also here in central Illinois and not a part of ECI Dads, then surf on over to the Yahoo group.

2. Joe Kelly of Dads and Daughters was nice enough to comment on my post last week about the group shutting down, but it's worth reprinting here:
Thank you very much for your very kind words and your good wishes for what's next for me. 

Well, I will continue to devote myself to promote progressive fathering and stepfathering. I want to continue being of service to you and others as we fight that good fight.

Some folks have asked what they can do to help; I’ve taken the liberty of making a few suggestions:
  • Please tell friends, colleagues and other networks about my Future of Fatherhood website (www.futureoffatherhood.com) and the expertise I offer on progressive fathering, stepfathering, girls’ issues, and helping agencies and organizations better serve—and better use—fathers.
  • Recommend me to organizations, institutions, associations, colleges, schools and others who might be interested in—or persuaded to be interested in—hiring me to speak to their constituencies and/or provide in-service training to staffs on how to mobilize & utilize fathers as a resource in their work.
  • Pass along opportunities you think might be a good fit for me. For example, you may know of an advocacy organization or university interested in hosting something like a research and advocacy Center on the Future of Fatherhood as a base for progressive fatherhood, leveraging me and my years of knowledge & expertise on fathering issues and the dad-daughter relationship. 
  • Pass along suggestions for opportunities which I haven’t listed here—because they haven’t occurred to me!
  • My new personal website, www.futureoffatherhood.com (being rebuilt & enhanced as I write) is an excellent place to refer people—including those interested in father-daughter relationships. It has:
  • Information about my Presentations, Resources, Books & Consulting 
  • Materials from my Dads & Daughters® books, articles and tips—including poplar items from the DADs website. 
Thanks so much for your support and ideas as I help carry the work forward. As always, please let me know if I can be of service to you now or in the future.


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